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The Secret to Lite-Weight Tool Co. Quality Products

Lighter, yet more durable

Lite-Weight Tool Company Quality ControlWhy are these the best asphalt paving tools available?

We use stronger, lightweight materials, and put them together better.

To start with, we use magnesium and stainless steel. The materials used by other manufacturers are relatively heavy and brittle.

Not only is magnesium lighter, it flexes slightly -- although not so much that you'd notice while using it. (After the flex, our tool returns to its original shape.) This enables our tools to hold up, where the competition's tools eventually break.

Stronger Designs

Many of our tools have the added advantage of aluminum bracing. So our tools hold up to obstructions and remain useable longer.

Where others use a bolt, we use a unique clamp. The resulting joint is ten times stronger.

Made in USA

We specialize in meeting the needs of asphalt pavers, so count on us for the best engineered tools in the business.

Asphalt paving toolsWe proudly design everything we sell, and manufacture it right here in California. We buy the tubing and shapes, and then machine them ourselves. Then we assemble, package and ship the finished tools direct to you.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you won't find a more durable "standard equipment" asphalt paving tool of its kind anywhere. In normal asphalt paving use, we guarantee our magnesium blades to last at least 6 months each, and our handles to last 6 years.

If a Lite-Weight Tools tool ever fails prematurely, just let us know and we'll make it right.