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About Lite-Weight Tool Co.

About Lite-Weight Tool Co. :: Revolutionizing the Asphalt Paving ToolsLite-Weight Tool Co., is family owned and located in California, we revolutionized asphalt paving tools in 1954, when we introduced our improved designs.

Since then, we’ve made some further improvements and added new models, but not everybody knows our latest news. In fact, we sometimes get phone calls from long-time customers who tell us, “I’ve been trying to find your company for years! We finally need some replacement tools.”

Yes, our tools are that good.

Now that you’ve found our new website, it will be easier to equip your crew with the reliable tools you need for efficient performance and high worker morale. We're adamant about making only top-of-the-line tools, no exceptions. We are very proud of the products we produce. Also: Every tool, every part, and every item is hand inspected by Andy or Charlie.

If you don’t see exactly what you want in our online catalog, please call us and ask. We’ll even manufacture custom sizes if you require.

You can purchase Lite-Weight tools through a distributor, or directly from us. To order, or for the location of a distributor near you, simply contact us.

Lite-Weight Tool Company: The same products, the same quality, the same conscientious business practices, for over 50 years.